Khadija Kamara

Khadija Kamara

CEO, Central Salone and Chief Strategy Officer,  Study Afrika


Khadija Kamara is a public health practitioner and proud Sierra Leonean! She has partnered with community stakeholders to implement a reusable menstrual pad program in Freetown, Sierra Leone (2019) that distributed reusable pads to women and girls and paired these dispersals with menstrual hygiene education. She also facilitated community discussions between women, men, boys and girls with the goal of destigmatizing menstruation and empowering women and girls. She is the Chief Strategy Officer of Study Afrika, a online African research platform.

Recently she partnered with Kroo Bay community stakeholders to design and implement waste infrastructure by employing youth to declutter gutters and dispose of trash through waste linkage strategies. This project decontaminated community lead contamination 100%.

She has international and domestic experience designing and implementing health strategies in vulnerable communities. She previously was the Lead Epidemiologist for Daycare COVID-19 investigations at the Palm Beach County branch of the Florida Department of Health. She is passionate about community based, data driven, sustainable health strategies.