Lyzianah Emakoua

Lyzianah Emakoua

Executive Director / USA-Hallmark International Youth Club/ Advocate at UNMGCY


Lyzianah Emakoua currently works as a M&E Analyst under the DC CARES Stimulus Project, where she conducts onsite and document compliance monitoring and outcome evaluations of ten external CARES programs. She is a founding member of Tourism and Agriculture for Green, Resilient and Inclusive Development (TAGRID). As a 2022 World Bank Youth Delegate, she contributes innovative solutions to ensure that recovery and growth in the post-Covid world is inclusive and sustainable, but also inclusive along social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

She is part of the team who organized the “First World Bank Participant Youth Summit: Taking Action through Unlocking the Power of Inclusion and Equitable Growth”. Lyzianah presently serves as a Gender Specialist at Hallmark International Youth Club, where she provides direct technical assistance into project design and implementation, delivering results-oriented program focused on girl’s access to formal and informal education empowerment.